3rd Year IGFH

Hi Everyone
I’d like to thank every member, association and business that has supported us, we are into our third year now and have accomplished a lot of great things for the industry and we wouldn’t be here without everyone’s support.
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I have sat down with my tax man and worked out we have made a $5000 loss for the second year plus the money we invested in assets like The Groundsman and not to forget the thousands of volunteers hours.
This is positive as we have had a lot of support from the industry worldwide who believe that we are here for the right reasons and it looks like The Groundsman is going to be a great success making International Greenkeepers self sufficient, which is a great achievement by everyone involved as we built this from nothing but passion.
From here on we have set some small goals and hope to use any profits we make to invest back into the industry through associations and charity days.
Next step after that is create 1-2 full time positions so International Greenkeepers can continue to grow.
After that who knows where this ride will take us, but I do know everything we are doing is to try promote the industry and make sure there is another generation of Turf Managers to keep the industry moving forward.
Thanks Daryl Davidson

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