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What Is IGFH?

International Greenkeepers For Hire (or IGFH for short) is the international hub for greenkeepers, groundstaff, and volunteers.

IGFH was formed when a group of passionate greenkeepers set about to provide what they believed currently did not exist in the industry: an all-in-one platform designed to unite greenkeepers, promote the industry, and help share the art of greenkeeping with others. 

Bradley Tennant and Ikumi Murai At Saltex 2023

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to share our knowledge and passion for the greenkeeping profession with the rest of the world.

Many people believe that working for enjoyment is impossible; we work to pay the bills, and that’s all. But we know better than that.

Working with passion and taking the time to educate yourself and network with like-minded greenkeeping professionals does wonders, helping you to achieve a greater sense of identity, better cope with life, and have a stronger sense of purpose. That’s why we’ve created an ecosystem uniting international career opportunities with education, news, and community, to help you find your calling and better yourself as a professional greenkeeper every day.

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Our Story

In early 2019, a group of greenkeepers got together with a new, exciting idea in mind: to create an inclusive group for every greenkeeper, groundsman, or turf manager, whether casual, full-time, or volunteer. By April 2019, International Greenkeepers For Hire was born—and what a whirlwind it’s been since then!

We started as a volunteer-run organization, juggling a website and a quarterly magazine with a podcast, all our social groups, our YouTube channel, our free educational content, and more.

Daryl Davidson at Saltex 2022

We put a lot of grind into our passion project, and the payoff was (thankfully!) almost instant. Our Facebook group grew quickly, people from all over the world contacted us to discuss job opportunities, and our YouTube videos were watched by tens of thousands of viewers.

As we’d hoped and predicted, there was interest in what we were doing, and that validation drove us to continue to push out helpful content, share international job listings, attend tradeshows, and spread our name far and wide in the greenkeeping industry. 

Fast forward to 2023, and one of our founding members, Bradley Tennant, finally took the plunge, quitting his full-time job to manage the majority of the IGFH responsibilities around the clock.  

Daryl Davidson and Damien Curtis at a Careers event in Sydney

With lots of spare time on his hands, Bradley could now focus on expanding our offerings, introducing a UK-based turf equipment marketplace (Turf Market), improving the quality and value of our monthly magazine, traveling further afield to share videos and interviews with some of the most influential members of our industry, and much more.

We now have over 6,000 organic members across LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, offering a wide range of industry-specific educational videos and resources. 

We’d like to acknowledge and thank our members for joining the IGFH community and taking the time to network, ask questions, and involve themselves in inspiring discussions across our channels. Without our members, we wouldn’t exist, and we’re grateful to anyone who has seen value in what we do and has taken the time to become a part of our global family.

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