Why Sponsor Us? 📑

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We’re currently looking for more brands and businesses to sponsor International Greenkeepers For Hire, and we’d like to showcase some of the reasons why you should consider sponsoring us. 

We understand that sponsorships aren’t a one-way relationship. Both parties have to benefit from the agreement, and we’ve worked hard to develop an abundance of benefits and opportunities for the companies that sponsor IGFH.

About International Greenkeepers For Hire 🧾

If you’re reading this, you probably already know a little about who we are and what we do. But here’s a quick recap for anyone who may need it. International Greenkeepers For Hire (IGFH) is the only international hub for every greenkeeper, groundsperson, and turf manager at all career levels and in all positions.  We’re founded by a team of passionate greenkeepers, with the aim of promoting the industry and sharing free resources to teach and inspire the next generation of turf professionals. 

We’re funded by sponsorships, which enable us to provide training, education, international scholarships, and much more, entirely for free, for our growing membership base. Our current sponsors help us to offer more opportunities and continue to provide free educational resources to our members. The more sponsors we have, the more of this we can provide!

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Our Sponsorship Perks 🔊

Our sponsors can enjoy the following perks and opportunities: 

  • Advertising banner on multiple pages of the IGFH website
  • Up to 4 dedicated advertising spots in the IGFH magazine (and a front cover spot for Gold Tier sponsors)
  • Up to 12 annual article posts to IGFH members, also emailed to our subscriber list
  • Up to 2 yearly educational videos on our YouTube channel per year
  • Inclusion in our classified directory with a description and link
  • Up to 50 free uploads/month to our Live Library, a resource that shares, testing data, research, manuals, training documents, and other written content for industry members
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How Do Sponsorships Help Us? 🥅

Since accepting sponsorships from our first few sponsors, we have already been able to expand our offering and provide several exciting opportunities for our members.  Here are a few examples of how we have used our sponsorship funding in the past year: 

An Internship In Scotland: 

We organized an IGFH experience between international greenkeeper Yon Yoeun and hiring manager James Swanson at Cullen Links, based in Moray Firth, Scotland. Yon, a Danish greenkeeping student at Roskilde Technical VET College, worked for four weeks at the scenic 18-hole golf course and said that the experience “enriched my life”. 

Careers Events And Trade Shows: 

Our sponsorship funding has also enabled us to attend numerous exciting careers events and trade shows, including Western Sydney Careers Market, the Lackham Careers And Trade Show, the Hawkesbury Show, and the Coleg Cambria Sustainability Event. Attending these events helps us to network with other like-minded professionals and spread the word about what we do, and supports our mission to encourage new people to join the industry.

Inspiring Members To Pursue International Careers: 

Taking on several sponsors allowed Bradley Tennant, one of our founding members, to quit his day job and work on growing IGFH and communicating our message to a wider audience. We’ve inspired many of our members to pursue international careers, including Albert, who joined the International Greenkeepers Facebook group and became inspired to move from his home in South Africa to pursue a greenkeeping job in New Zealand. 

Who Should Sponsor Us? 🌱

We think you’d make a great IGFH sponsor if: 

  • You’re a strong advocate for inspiring the next generation of the grounds and greenkeeping industries with educational content, experiences, and training—and you don’t think it should cost the world. 
  • You’re keen to give back to your industry by helping to support opportunities that may otherwise be inaccessible to many members of our community, whether due to age, experience, or location. 
  • You’re looking for unique ways to boost brand visibility and expose your company to new audiences, through events, social media, and magazine/website features. 
  • You want to gain a competitive advantage over your direct competitors and further develop the connection between your company and your target audience. 
  • You’re interested in opportunities to simultaneously promote your business and give back to your industry. You can feel good about your role in supporting our members while also enjoying the promotional benefits of being an IGFH sponsor. 

Think your interests align with our own? Join our growing list of sponsors and enjoy the benefits of a sponsorship with International Greenkeepers For Hire today.

Email Bradley, founding member of IGFH, to request to view our media pack for more information about our sponsorship packages:


Want to learn more about what we do? You can find us in the following locations: 

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