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Education Hub 📚

One of our main aims at IGFH is to provide a range of free industry-specific educational videos and resources to all our members. Our Education Hub brings together all the information you need quickly, in one convenient location.

Our educational content is created by experienced greenkeepers from across the globe. Collectively, the team has over 200 years of greenkeeping and turf-managing experience, and we each bring our unique knowledge from golf, football/soccer, rugby, cricket, and bowls turf surfaces—to name a few! 

We’ve noticed an ongoing decline in young and qualified greenkeepers, groundstaff, and turf managers in the industry, and that’s one of the biggest reasons why we’re so passionate about providing free educational content. 

We believe that to bring in the next generation of greenkeepers and groundstaff, we must offer a stimulating, simple method of education. Our topical videos and educational cards offer just that, and they’re free to access on Youtube or our website.

Our training is intended to be useful for industry members at all levels, from apprentices and casual workers to volunteers and part-timers, right up to individuals in the management tier. Regardless of your current job role or position, we believe there’s always room to further develop and reinforce your skills and improve your work performance.

Get in touch if you’d like us to develop specific training videos to suit your needs or cover a topic that we currently haven’t.

Our Education 💻

Links 🔗

Wer’re certainly not the only organization to offer educational resources online, and we recommend checking out some of the fantastic offerings from the industry’s most well-known and respected accredited organizations.

We’ve linked to a selection of the best organizations that provide educational content with the aim of supporting your learning and development as a greenkeeping professional. Training and Development. 

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