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Access free educational resources, explore global job opportunities, and take your career to the next level

Welcome to the IGFH website! Here, you’ll find a host of handy resources for professionals or budding professionals in the greenkeeping and grounds management industries, including access to our international jobs board, quarterly magazine, free educational content, Live Library of research documents, and much more.

Founders Daryl Davidson and Bradley Tennant

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Who Are International Greenkeepers For Hire?

International Greenkeepers For Hire is the biggest and friendliest International hub for greenkeepers, groundstaff, and volunteers.

Established in 2019, we’ve quickly made a name for ourselves as the go-to resource to network with like-minded individuals, find new career opportunities, and share your passion for greenkeeping with other members of our enthusiastic online community.   

Our aim is simple: to unite greenkeepers, promote the industry, and help share the art of greenkeeping with others. We’re run by greenkeepers, for greenkeepers—and that’s how it’ll always be. 

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How IGFH Can Help?

Seek new career opportunities around the world

Greenkeeping is one of the most flexible jobs for people who love to travel and work outdoors. On our website and Social media groups, you’ll find all the latest greenkeeping jobs around the world, from Sydney to London and everywhere in between. You can also upload your CV to our CV Drop to be reviewed by our recruiters. We’ll reach out to you if a job that fits your skills becomes available.

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Access free online education

We don’t believe that bettering your knowledge, honing your skills, and learning more about the science behind greenkeeping should come at a cost. Our website offers free access to a variety of learning resources, including our educational cards, quarterly magazine, podcast, and Live Library. Regardless of your learning style, you’ll find content that suits your preferences here.

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Network with other industry professionals

Greenkeeping can sometimes feel like a lonely profession, and we’re lucky to be more connected than ever before thanks to the power of social media. If you haven’t already, join our International Greenkeepers Facebook group to seek advice, get inspired by your peers, upload photos of work you’re proud of, or simply share a greenkeeping meme or video that made you chuckle—there are plenty going around!


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Our Services

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Free Education

Like quick and easy learning? Us too—and our educational cards are designed for just that. They’re easily printable to share around your workplace or download a Jpeg copy. Don’t forget to check out our YouTube channel if you’re more of a visual learner.

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The Groundsman

The Goundsman is our Australia-based marketplace for business and machinery listings in the turf industry. Here, we connect buyers and sellers of quality equipment, and provide a platform for businesses to promote events or post job listings. Listing categories include Equipment and Tools, Promotions and Events, and Employment. 

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Turf Market

Turf Market is your all-in-one UK based solution for buying and selling equipment, sharing and responding to listings for jobs, workshops, and training, promoting events, and hiring services and machinery, in the turf industry.

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Useful Links

If you're currently looking for work or just browsing, check out our useful links page. Here, we’ve shared every single reliable, reputable job advert website in the grounds and greenkeeping industries that we could find. Simply bookmark this page to access all websites with just one click.


Our news blog is an extension of our magazine, providing an online news board for us to share informative content. Our focus is to inspire our readers with engaging industry news, updates, interviews, and more. Subscribe to receive updates when we post new content.

Our Associates

As part of our commitment to our members, the team at International Greenkeepers For Hire works closely with many of the professional associations and governing bodies in the sports turf industry. Click the button below for a list of our current associates.

IGFH News 

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Poa, ways to control and prevent

Poa Annua (Annual meadow grass) is a common grass that is part of the Poaceae family. This family of grass provides staple foods, from domesticated cereal crops such as maize, wheat, rice, barley, and millet, to feed for animals.  For some, Poa is a turf manager’s daily grass; for others

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Why is hollow tining important?

Improving soil aeration and decompaction is a huge part of maintaining any turf surface, but especially sports turf surfaces. This can be achieved using a variety of methods including slit or knife tines, soild or spike tines, or hollow tines. Today’s topic is hollow tining (coring). These tines physically remove

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Why is quality of cut important?

Its no hidden fact that to achieve the highest possible mowing quality, a cylinder mower is the best. Their clean scissor-like cut makes them the perfect choice for sports turf surfaces, high-quality lawns and recreational areas. The basic design hasn’t changed since Edwin Budding developed the first machine in 1830.

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What Our Members Have to Say

IGFH is an invaluable resource for job searching, but I think especially for those already set in a career, it’s a great way to hear new voices. They say you should never stop learning, and IGFH is a great way to keep up with new trends and ideas.
The International Greenkeepers for Hire (IGFH) is a great organisation for greenkeepers. I particularly like the IGFH's Facebook group where knowledge about the profession is shared.
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