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Hi Members and Friends
Just to let you know, International Greenkeepers has purchased The Groundsman to help make International Greenkeepers self-sufficient so we can continue to grow.
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This is a very exciting time for all our members and friends as the world starts to recover from Covid. The borders will open again and we will be waiting to open up as many doors as we can for people in our industry as well as promote our great industry to recruit next generation so we all have someone to hand the keys and the phone over to with the confidence that they will do the same thing for the generation they bring through.
We have already added a heap of new categories to The Groundsman website as we will be looking to turn it into the one stop shop classifieds for the Sports Turf Industry as well as tapping into the Agricultural side.
We have decided to focus on selling memberships to companies, golf clubs and sporting clubs that give the members unlimited listings as well as access for their staff to any International Greenkeepers events and educational days.
For 12 months membership we have kept the price the same as what the former owner was charging at $1080 plus GST for 12 months. Which is great value considering we have added new categories like employment, tenders and work available, agriculture equipment, turf products, trade services promotions and specials, dry hire/wet hire, turf/seed, Brand new
machinery and demos, Auctions, cleaning products and a special page for accredited members so customers can feel comfortable dealing with companies especially when buying used equipment or utilising their services.
We are also selling advertising banners on the website which will direct people to their website if clicked on by anyone. We are experimenting with these banners so pricing and positions may change over time, however you will be made aware and will only be improvements. Not moving ads lower or into hidden places.
The options are as follows
We have
4 x Below header banners available at $2000 per year.
4 x Above footer banners available at $1000 per year
5 x Banners that pop up above the actual listings available at $2000 per year.
We understand a lot of companies’ budgets do not start until next year so we are more than happy to invoice companies in January 2022 if they would like to get involved now and have their company advertising on the website ASAP.
Happy to have a chat about anything that interests you and I’d love your company to join up as a member as i believe it will benefit your business, The Groundsman already has a great database and by adding the International Greenkeepers data based on that we will be able to give any company that becomes members great value for money.
We also have a goal of starting a hard copy magazine which would be combined with the International Greenkeepers magazine and The Groundsman once we have revived The Groundsman website, so there will be other opportunities for advertising later on. We hope to have this set up before the end of the year. With all this happening International Greenkeepers is also planning a few events that might interest our members and friends.
(Some dates may change but there will be plenty of notice)
18th of September 2021- Charity cricket day at Muralan Cricket Club NSW International Greenkeepers helped organise with the NSW STA and their sponsors to re-turf their wicket square that had not been used for years. We are planning with the club a charity day to raise money for the club to buy equipment to look after their new cricket pitch as well as help promote the club within the community to help find new members especially local juniors.
International Greenkeepers will be looking for sponsors to help the club as well as people to come and enjoy the day.
7th of November 2021- Movember Family Barefoot Bowls Day at The Alexandria Erskineville Bowling Club. This is a fun day before the Reno Demo Day the next day. We will be charging $30 per head which gets you a BBQ and 2 Drinks kids are free. There will be a musician who is a former Greenskeeper and having a raffle to raise money for Movember. International Greenkeepers will be looking for companies and our members to donate prizes we can raffle off on the day.
8th of November 2021- Reno Demo Day at Sydney University for Movember.
International Greenkeepers are hosting a field day based on renovations from soil amendments to heavy renovation equipment. We will be hoping to have it as an interactive day so people can try out the machines on the day. We have set the price at $500 per company to cover the costs of catering and staff, any profits will be donated to Movember.
There will be an opportunity for companies to sponsor the coffees, morning tea or lunch if they are feeling generous.
April 7th, 8th, 9th & 10th 2022- The Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo as well as the Educational walking tour. This would be a great opportunity for your company as International Greenkeepers are running an Educational day with the DDT expo on the 7th of April.
A stand works out to be around $30 per square meter which gets you a stand at the expo for 4 days. The recent expo we just had over 90000 people walk through the gates and every company we introduced this year did very well out of it.
It’s important to remember International Greenkeepers owns The Groundsman and all the profits will be going back into the industry as we have goals of supporting associations and starting scholarships as well as promoting the industry.
Thanks Daryl Davidson
And our main man
Bradley Tennant

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