Win this ‘beauty’ and keep your cricket pitch looking top notch!

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LG Focus are calling on local councils, cricket clubs or any organisations that have use for this powered cricket pitch roller…
She is ready to give away to someone that needs her.
Local Government Focus will be running a free raffle across Australia for sporting clubs that need a cricket pitch roller, especially after the floods on the east coast.
Huge thanks to Strathfield Sports Club for donating the roller to International Greenkeepers.
Even bigger thanks to Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness and the grounds team for getting involved to pretty her up and make sure the roller is mechanically fine for it’s new owner.
The competition will open up soon and I’m looking forward to seeing this beast find a new home and hopefully delivery it in person.
Do you have a new home for the ‘Roller’?
Enter our great competition and nominate your local Council.
IGFH team.

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