IGFH Reflects on Successful Year at Brett Carter Events Careers& Job Expos

As a new year begins, Daryl Davidson and Damien Curtis of IGFH have reflected on their experiences last year attending the Brett Carter Events Careers and Job Expos throughout Sydney, Australia.

Daryl Davidson left, talking to potential greenkeepers

The expos, which are free to attend and attract upwards of 20,000 visitors every year, have proven to be invaluable opportunities to showcase the significance of the grounds and greenkeeping industry to a diverse pool of job seekers.

Exhibiting at the IGFH stand at numerous expos this year, Darly and Damien had the opportunity to speak with thousands of prospective candidates, many of whom had no idea that our industry even existed. The expos provided a platform for IGFH to emphasize the critical role played by skilled greenkeepers in maintaining and enhancing outdoor spaces, ranging from golf courses to sports fields and public parks.

One of the key takeaways from the expos was the opportunity to bridge the gap between job seekers and the grounds and greenkeeping industry.

As Daryl noted, “The expos allowed us to connect with a diverse range of individuals who are passionate about the outdoors and looking for rewarding career opportunities. It’s not just about finding a job; it’s about showcasing the value and impact of what greenkeepers contribute to the community.”

The expos also served as a conduit for disseminating information about the various career paths within the industry.

Damien emphasized the importance of breaking down stereotypes associated with greenkeeping, stating, “Many people underestimate the complexity and skill required in our profession. These expos allowed us to dispel myths and showcase the diversity of roles available, from turf management to environmental sustainability.”

Damien Curtis manning the IGFH Stand

The IGFH team leveraged the expos to highlight the global demand for skilled greenkeepers, underscoring the potential for exciting international opportunities within the industry. The events facilitated discussions with jobseekers eager to explore career paths that extend beyond local borders, reinforcing the notion that greenkeeping is not only a profession but a global community.

Looking ahead to the upcoming year, we eagerly anticipate the next round of Brett Carter Events Careers and Job Expos. The success of this year’s engagements has solidified our commitment to participating in these expos, with a focus on expanding outreach and fostering connections with both seasoned professionals and emerging talents.

Daryl Davidson expressed enthusiasm for the future, stating, “We are excited to build on the momentum of the expos we were able to attend this year. The interest and engagement we’ve witnessed reaffirm the need for continued efforts to attract, train, and retain skilled greenkeepers. The expos provide a unique platform to actively contribute to the growth and development of the industry.”

Visit https://www.brettcarterevents.com.au/ to learn more about the 2024 schedule for Apprenticeship/Traineeship & Jobs Expos across Sydney.

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