Turf surface grooming

Turf surface grooming is a maintenance practice to improve the appearance, playability, and health of sports surfaces like golf courses, playing fields, and tennis courts. It involves using specialised equipment to break up debris and worm casts, remove dew, and fix minor surface irregularities.

sisis, flexibrush,
SISIS Flexibrush folded

How Often is Surface Grooming Necessary?

The ideal frequency of turf surface grooming depends on a few factors, including the turfgrass species, soil type, climate, and usage patterns, as well as the presence of pests. Ideally, sports pitches should be groomed at least once a month, but, depending on the desired outcome, some may require daily grooming.

Timing of Turf Surface Grooming

The type of surface that needs grooming, the specific grooming tasks it requires, and the specific use case affect the timing of the grooming practices. For instance, sports turf might need dew removed every day during autumn and spring when disease pressure is at its highest.

SISIS, Flexibrush,
SISIS Flexibrush in action

SISIS Flexibrush

The SISIS Flexibrush is an example of an efficient surface grooming solution for large areas like golf fairways and sports grounds. It’s tractor-mounted and can be used to brush in top dressings, disperse dew, and lift grass before cutting.