Welcome to our newest member of the team, Kyle Cwynar

Superintendent at Seabright Lawn Tennis & Cricket Club /Team member of IGFH
Would you like to start by telling us a bit about yourself?
Originally from Cape Cod, Massachusetts in the USA. Began my career on golf courses and had the opportunity to work at some amazing facilities in the US and Australia. Currently the superintendent of a lawn tennis club near New York City.
What attracted you to greenkeeping?
I had my first grounds job at 15 and stuck with it. I enjoyed the instant gratification of completing impactful projects, and working outside with good friends among fantastic scenery. Free golf around sunset was always a nice way to finish the day.
Why did you join the industry?
I saw an opportunity for growth to the superintendent level that challenged me, and could also reward me with a lot. I loved the idea of having my job allow me to travel and see the world.
What’s the best thing you’ve learned during your career?
Taking the opportunity to travel and try new things early and often is a great way to start a career. Once you have increased responsibilities, and start your own family if you so choose, it makes it a lot harder to work the long hours or pick up and move venues.
What’s the most difficult challenge you’ve had to face?
Navigating the covid crisis in the early days of my years at the superintendent level, which has brought on staffing shortages, supply chain delays, combined with welcoming our first child has been quite the ride.
What’s your funniest greenkeeping moment?
There’s nothing quite like getting to know some of the more seasoned caddies out there. They are the ones with all the stories.
Best career achievement?
Going on the run of working on the teams at The Country Club – Brookline, Pine Valley Golf Club, and New South Wales Golf Club was a proud stretch for me. Being able to successfully and smoothly move to a new place, find a way to benefit the group, and keep pressing on, was always a confidence builder.
What keeps you in the industry?
I would rather work with a balance of indoor/outdoor efforts that challenge all of my skills in beautiful sporting arenas, rather than be locked in an office or handcuffed to a monotonous role in some other industry.
What inspiring words would you say to young greenkeepers?
Know yourself and never waste your time. Remember to take a moment here and there to identify your shortcomings, so you know you are working to make yourself better. Also always maintain perspective and balance between work and home life.
What are your future goals?
I’d like to volunteer to work an Olympics or Ryder Cup. I would also hope to get back to travelling and working at courses in other parts of the world later in life.
Favorite sport?
I spent my early days watching and playing a lot of baseball. Later in life I turned to (American) football, and now really enjoying golf.
Favorite sportsperson?
Tom Brady without a doubt. It sounds cliché, but growing up in Massachusetts watching his whole career, he has been very inspiring.
What’s your dream job?
International Golf Course Photographer / Course Ranker
What’s your ultimate retirement goal?
I would spend half the year at a mountain region lake-house in the USA working part-time at the local golf club, and spend the other half of the year napping through the day somewhere lost in the Whitsundsays-waking only for a refill on a cocktail or the occasional trip to Fiji.
Kyle will be helping us to continue to move towards our future goals and making IGFH self-sustainable. We are working on several interesting projects at the moment and cant wait to share them with you! Be sure to check back soon!

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