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My name is James Swanson, I am 47 years old at the time of writing with a gorgeous wife and 2 amazing kids, daughter Caley-mae nearly 19 and at Uni and son Kiedis 15 and still at school none of which are interested in greenkeeping
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Right - James Swanson
What attracted you to greenkeeping?
My main interests are work (LOL), walking scenic places with my wife and spending time at the west coast of Scotland.
Why did you join the industry?
I got into greenkeeping later than most aged 26 , I had gained a seasonal job at Spey Bay and after a very short time I fell in love with the job , I was lucky that the then owners seen my passion for my work and offered me an apprenticeship and from there I have never looked back .
What’s the best thing you’ve learned during your career?
The best thing I have learned along the way is to embrace nature, learn from it and work with it not against it.
What’s the most difficult challenge you’ve had to face?
One of the most challenging times when we at Spey Bay hosted the Scottish assistant professional championships which involved working to the specification of the SPGA and getting the course to their spec for the championship, we did succeed but was very challenging along the way and many late nights.
What’s your funniest greenkeeping moment?
There have been so many funny moments in my time but one of the best was watching the bosses face when I caught him on camera putting the greens mower in the bunker and he knew every greenkeeper near us would know before he managed to get it out
Best career achievement?
My best career moment so far would be being awarded greenkeeper student of the year at college.
What keeps you in the industry?
I have been asked before what keeps me in the Industry and my reply will always be the same. It’s not the money as we are very much underpaid and underappreciated for what we do. It is for the love of the job and the results we can achieve by working with nature.
What inspiring words would you say to young greenkeepers?
Words for young greenkeepers would be to listen to the old guys who have been doing the job a long time. You will learn so much and every day is a learning curve which leads to a job satisfaction you won’t get anywhere else.
Favorite sport?
Onto the favorite section – Sport is a hard one as a young boy I would have said football but now I would say any that helps me relax and smile.
Favorite sportsperson?
Sportsperson will always be King Kenny Dalglish not just for what he achieved as a player and manager but also for what he did for the Hillsborough families, the city of Liverpool and his complete dedication to his family.
What’s your dream job?
Dream Job can only be greenkeeping no matter where you are it can’t be beaten
The next one made me laugh. My retirement goal is to not retire. I wouldn’t know what to do ha ha.
Have international greenkeepers for hire helped you in any way?
IGFH has made a massive difference as I am now part of a group of like-minded people so guys thank you for starting this up. It has been and will continue to be brilliant.
The photo’s say it all to me as through this fantastic group I met a young man who reminded me so much of myself when I found greenkeeping to be able to get him over to somewhere as stunning as Cullen for a month and see a young man fall in love with the job as much as I.

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