Lloyds bringing Paladin and Leda to BTME

Lloyds Mowers is set to showcase their world renowned and highly respected grounds maintenance machinery at BTME 2024. Visit them at their new location on stand 216 in hall 2, to explore their commitment to providing solutions for maintaining fine turf.

With a rich heritage in the turf care industry, Lloyds Mowers has consistently delivered excellence in precision mowing.

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Lloyds bringing Paladin and Leda to BTME.

Featured Products on Stand 216

Paladin 21” & 24” Mowers

The Paladin series sets a high standard for self-propelled mowers. The Paladin’s single ‘click adjuster’ facilitates seamless height changes, making it ideal for fine turf. With options in 21” and 24” widths, its short wheelbase ensures easy manoeuvrability. Remarkably lightweight, the Paladin excels even in wet conditions, showcasing one of the industry’s lightest designs. 

Leda Gang Mower

For large areas of frequently maintained turf, the Leda Standard Gang Mower is perfect for golf fairways, cricket outfields, school playing fields, and ornamental lawns, offering precise cutting. Alongside the Leda standard is the Leda Giant, a gang mower that is ideal for mowing semi rough and amenity spaces configurable from 3 to 9 units wide, the cutting cylinders are forged from high carbon chromium steel for durability. Unit wheels, gear trains, and cutting cylinders run on roller bearings for a smooth and enduring performance. With various cutting cylinder options, Lloyds ensures adaptability to cutting frequency.

Expert Guidance

Throughout the event, knowledgeable members of Lloyds Mowers’ team will be available at stand 216 to provide insights, guidance, and answer any queries about their Paladin and Leda mowers. 


For further information or a no obligation demonstration, please contact Lloyds Mowers on 01332 824 777 or visit www.lloyds-mowers.com

For more news, reviews and insightful views, you can follow Lloyds Mowers on Twitter and Instagram @LloydsMowers and like the company’s Facebook page – https://www.facebook.com/LloydsMowers/

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