Dennis gives Colliers Park the cutting edge

Head Groundsperson James Mathewson, in his 18 months at Colliers Park, has ushered in a new era with a forward-thinking approach, exemplifying this through the adoption of cutting-edge sustainable technology, such as the Dennis ES-860 battery-powered cylinder mower.

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Dennis gives Colliers Park the cutting edge.

His choice in equipment is not the only modern approach James adheres to as he emphasises transparency in his role. We try to explain as much as possible what we are doing. I want to see people playing football and see the pitches in use.” This commitment to transparency and active pitch use aligns with Colliers Park’s dedication to providing top-quality pitches.

Colliers Park’s grounds team, inspired by the Football Association of Wales’ (FAW) passion for sustainability, recently invested in battery-powered pitch maintenance equipment. James’ confidence in the Dennis brand led him to choose the ES-860, the battery powered counterpart to the acclaimed Dennis G860 cylinder mower. 

“Dennis took their time and carried out comprehensive testing before launching their  battery-powered machinery, but they are by far the best on the market in my opinion,” says James. “I had previously used the Dennis G860’s and they were brilliant. A question we asked when we first looked at the ES-860’s was whether the cassettes from the G860’s would fit, and once we found out they did, it was an easy decision.”

The ES-860 is a 34″ battery-powered turf management system with 13 interchangeable cassette options, offering versatility in day-to-day maintenance tasks such as cutting, scarifying, brushing, and verticutting.

James offers further insight into his use of cassettes: “We’ve got the 8 bladed cutting cassette, three verticutting cassettes which we use quite a lot, and we also have brushes and sorrel rollers. Being able to increase the cassette speed when using the brush is a big plus, they work a lot better and throw the debris into the box a bit more. The verticutter is a really useful tool for us, and with the electric power behind it, it is fantastic. We can do a whole pitch in between a training session, and that’s the job done for the week.”

Praising the battery life, James expresses satisfaction with the ES-860’s ability to complete a whole pitch on a single charge.

“We can get a whole pitch cut on one single charge without fear of it running out,” he says. “If three of us go out, each with a mower, it will take us about an hour and half, and the charge will be on approximately 80-85% when we’ve finished. To lose just a small amount of battery for an hour and a half of cutting is phenomenal. We have no worries about topping them up with fuel or having to take time out to go to a petrol station. They are just always ready to go and if someone did forget to put them on charge, then you will still have the majority of the battery remaining.”

The machine’s reliability and solid build make it a trustworthy machine in the unpredictable weather of Wrexham. Additionally, James commends the comfort of use, particularly the easy turning that accommodates the tight turning circles at the end of the pitches. 

James’s endorsement of the Dennis ES-860 reflects not only its superior performance but also the commitment of Colliers Park to embrace sustainable and efficient turf management practices.

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