2024 Turf Pesticides Manual

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2024 International Greenkeepers for Hire Turf Pesticides Manual

A must get sports turf management and lawn weed management guide for all professional turf managers. Covers registered turf pesticides (branded and generic pesticides) in australia.
  •  Its 100% FREE and fully referenced.
  • Has easy to use index and contents sections.
  • Contains a current herbicide resistance chart.
  • Contains 22 colour plates.
  • Perfect for anyone with an interest in lawn management and sports turf management.
  • An at your fingers resource to choose the right lawn fungicide for disease management.
The IGFH 2024 turf chemical manual has all the information that you need to get the best possible results when using turfgrass pesticides.
It’s FREE thanks to IGFH sponsors Indigo Specialty and Campbell Chemicals for their support in producing this valuable resource for Turf Managers and Lawn owners.

This FREE 144 page resource covers the following:

1.1. Background

1.2 Reducing the Likelihood of Resistance occurring.

1.3 Key Factors aimed at reducing the development of resistance.

2.0 Pests and diseases of turf

2.1 Weeds of turf (ideal for lawn weed management)

2.22 Common indicator weeds

2.23 Common Turf broadleaved weeds

3.0 Australian Registered preemergent herbicides for turf, commercial and industrial areas and flower beds/pots.

4.0 Registered Turf Herbicides

5.0 Registered Industrial Herbicides.

6.0 Turf Herbicide Tolerance

7.0 Fungicides

7.1 Fungicide modes of action-contact

7.2 Fungicide modes of action-locally systemic/systemic

7.3 Common Turf Fungal Diseases

8.0 Registered Turf Fungicides

8.1 Australian turf fungicide mode of action table.

9.0 Registered Turf Insecticides.

10.0 Plant growth regulators used in turf

12.0 Spray Adjuvants.

12.1 The benefits of spray tank adjuvants.

13.0 Pigments and dyes used in turf.

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