Going Green: Heart of Midlothian F.C. Embraces the Dennis ES-34R

In the ever-evolving landscape of sports turf management, combining sustainability and efficiency are becoming paramount for professionals like Colin Davie, Head Groundsman for Heart of Midlothian F.C.

In a recent move towards greener practices, Heart of Midlothian F.C. has invested in a Dennis ES-34R rotary mower

In a recent move towards greener practices, Colin has invested in a Dennis ES-34R rotary mower, heralding a new era in pitch maintenance for the club.

Heart of Midlothian’s pitch, a state-of-the-art SIS hybrid pitch installed in 2018, demands meticulous care and attention. With only a small team comprising himself and assistant David, finding equipment that delivers both performance and reliability is essential. Colin’s journey towards embracing battery-powered equipment began with a growing awareness of the need to reduce the club’s carbon footprint.

“I feel that it is the correct way to go,” says Colin, reflecting on the shift towards battery-powered machinery. “I’m under pressure the whole time to move away from petrol equipment so it was about time to see what was out there.”

The decision to invest in the Dennis ES-34R was solidified after rigorous testing against other battery-powered rotary mowers. Colin notes, “I had a few electric rotaries on demonstration, one of them being the Dennis ES-34R, and the Dennis stood out by quite a way.”

The Dennis ES-34R, a 34″ (860mm) battery-powered twin-blade rotary mower, with lithium-ion battery technology has been designed for mowing and cleaning operations. Its contra-rotating hardened steel blades ensure maximum collection performance. Moreover, its weatherproof colour LCD programmable display and keypad provide operators like Colin with vital information, including ground speed and battery charge level.

Colin is full of praise for the ES-34R, citing its ease of use and long-lasting battery as standout features. “It’s nice not to have to go away to the garage and waste time having to get fuel,” he remarks. “I have every bit of faith that a battery will cut the whole pitch every time on a single charge.”

One of Colin’s favourite features is the toggle switch, which enhances usability. “My favourite feature on it is the toggle switch, which works like a clutch, so you operate that with your thumb, and it’s just very easy to use and manoeuvre the machine,” he explains.

While colin’s trusty Dennis G860 petrol cylinder mowers remain integral to matchday preparation, the ES-34R excels in cleaning up and achieving an impeccable finish. “They do a brilliant job at hoovering up all the debris,” Colin notes. “But the finish on the ES-34R is incredible too. You could use the ES-34R on a matchday to prepare the pitch; it is that good.

“I also like how you can control walking speed, cutting speed and adjust the height of cut very easily. It is a very good setup,” he concludes.

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