Meet the members, Ubendra Sriramulu

I Ubendra Sriramulu, I come from farming background. We cultivate Rice, Watermelon, Beefwood trees etc. I did my Bachelor’s & Master’s in Horticulture from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Tamil Nadu, India. For the past 5 years, I have been working as an Assistant Golf Course Superintendent in The Tollygunge Club Ltd., Kolkata. During my graduation, I have worked on field trials for Suitable Grass species for tropical condition under regular maintenance.
What attracted you to greenkeeping?
During my undergraduation, my professor Dr. Subesh Ranjith Kumar handled landscape course which inspired me. As part of the course, we visit few golf courses nearby and got to learn more about greenkeeping.
Also, as a university field hockey player, I had few opportunities to visit stadiums and grounds with natural and artificial turf for my sports event. Those events further influenced my interest in how grass plays such an important in sports.
Why did you join the industry?
I love being outdoors; growing up in a small village and with limited lifestyle most things I did for fun involved being outdoors. During one of my golf course visits, I came across operators spraying the greens with boom sprayers, mowing the fairways with ride-on mowers. That seemed cool and I wanted to try it out. That was the initial push as well as flora& fauna on the golf course.
Now, I’m 5 year old in this industry and learning every day. Like the saying ‘everyday is different’ is true in our industry. I learn something new from wonderful people working in this industry. This industry keeps me on my toes and I take things as blessing.
The best thing you have learned during your career?
Don’t stress yourself as well as your day-to-day tiny problems. Just think about finding the solution for the problems.
We can learn lot from our Mother Nature because we are in front of it. We can do all we want but if nature doesn’t cooperate then there’s isn’t much that can happen.
Whats the most difficult challenge you have had to face?
I feel as a Greenkeepers we always face unpredictable things. From human beings (Golfers, Staffs, other department, non-technical committee members), animals, mother nature which gives unpredictable weather. Most things have a solution but getting to that solution is the real challenge. Managing communication and human relations is one of the difficult part.
Whats your funniest greenkeeping moment?
I stopped wearing hat because I think it’s making me go BALD!
Best career achievement?
Every year, my club selects a best employee or department for their valued contribution to the club. In 2016, I have received “Wahi Cup” along with my Golf Superintendent for the Best Department.
In my country Volunteering at golf course is not common. With the help of my friend at Hong Kong Golf Club, I was able to at Keya Golf Club, Japan in 2019. I have helped Mr.Andrew McDaniel, Golf Superintendent & Assistant General Manager and his team of Keya Golf Club for the KBC Augusta Golf.
Ubendra with Mr.Andrew McDaniel, Golf Superintendent & Assistant General Manager, Keya Golf Club, Japan and Dr.Micah Woods, Chief Scientist, Asian Turfgrass Centre.
Ubendra rolling for the tournament.
What keeps you in the industry?
My passion and love towards the nature and the Greenkeeping job. Seeing the sunrise in the morning to moon-rise in the evening, beautiful tree-scaping, landscaping, watching the tiny creatures to some of big animals are the things keep me in the industry.
What inspiring words would you say to young greenkeepers?
I’m also young in this industry and still have long way to go,- I would say, focus on your work and always be eager to learn from seniors and experienced crew and be ready to take on responsibilities when the opportunity arises. I wish the same to all future Greenkeepers.
What are your future goals?
To become a Certified Golf Superintendent and host a major tournament.
Favorite sport?
Cricket, Hockey, Football, Tennis and after joining this industry started liking Golf.
Favorite sportsperson?
As a sportsperson I love all sports and many sports personality are favourable to me. From Sachin Tendulkar in Cricket, Roger Federer in Tennis and Tiger Woods in Golf.
Dream job?
My dream job is to be one of the best golf course superintendents in one of the top golf course in any part of the world but mainly in Asian region.
Ultimate retirement goal?
Play golf and mentor young superintendents nearby to guide them in their careers.
Whats do you think of IGFH?
Good initiative by Mr. Daryl Davidson & Mr. Bradley Tennant. IGFH helps in reaching people from different parts of the world who are engaged in Turf and Sport grass maintenance. Apart from that, many a time’s opportunities from European countries won’t be available easily. These kinds of forum reduce the gap of bringing the job opportunity to all the greenkeeping across the globe.
How have IGFH helped you?
Mr.Daryl Davidson shared my resume to some of top people working in turf industry. But, due to pandemic those opportunity is in hold. Thanking him as well as entire IGFH team for creating a such wonderful forum.

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