Meet the members, Jay Knowles

Hey all I’m jay knowles 25 at the time of writing from Edinburgh massive fan of football and a bit of a petrol head.
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What attracted you to greenkeeping?
I actually wasn’t attracted at all. It wasn’t really something I knew of or thought of. I was put on a work placement for 3 months and fell in love with it, worked my ass off and was offered an apprentice groundsman role.
Why did you join the industry?
Working in sport was always something I wanted to do and working in an active situation I’m not really one for sitting at a desk or doing meetings writing stuff up so this industry is great for me.
What’s the best thing you’ve learned during your career?
Rain sleet or snow the show must go on and you gotta get off your ass and set the stage.
What’s the most difficult challenge you’ve had to face?
Unfortunately, when I was 4 months into my apprenticeship my boss had to take leave due to medical reasons. I was alone in the stadium for 10 weeks with a pitch that had just been seeded, a massive challenge with no real experience or much knowledge.
What’s your funniest greenkeeping moment?
Pipe band in at the stadium performing before the game no one told me they would be out again at half time went around to stick pop ups on not funny for them but funny for me don’t think they were very impressed
Best career achievement?
Joint top 2 ranked pitch by SFA in Scotland.
What keeps you in the industry?
The opportunity to impact the standards and vision of football clubs.
What inspiring words would you say to young greenkeepers?
Stick with it. Yes the money isn’t great to start winter is awful but this job can take you abroad like it has for me and really develop you as a person some of the life experiences and people you meet are priceless.
What are your future goals?
My current goal is to take my current position as head groundsman at a training ground and turn it into the leading complex in Sweden.
What do you think of international greenkeepers for hire?
I think international green keepers for hire is a great platform to network and find job for years we have all helped each other out in our small areas so putting it on a global platform is excellent.
Favorite sport?
Fav sport – football
Favorite sportsperson?
Fav sport personality – kaka
What’s your dream job?
Dream job – head GM Anfield

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