Meet the members – Elizabeth Pinnington

Elizabeth Pinnington – Liverpool City Council
Apprentice Parks Operative 4th year. I worked in many open space positions including at our first-grade cricket/AFL ground Rosedale Oval for a 6 month stint.
We get rotated on our 4-year apprenticeship indenture to experience all areas of Parks and Gardens.
Course Studied -Park and Gardens certificate 3 -completed/ Cert 3 Horticulture completed -and looking at completing certificate 3 in turf management.
What attracted you to the industry?
I love to work outdoors doing the physical different tasks .
I have a interest in plants and the environment and enjoy taking care of all that comes with this .
Favorite Part of the job?
The fact that i get to work outside everyday and the variety and opportunities to work on many different projects in the Parks area.
Least favorite part of the job?
Is getting up early in the winter time but once i am up i adjust very quickly .
Your biggest concern for the industry going forward?
The more development in city areas the less open space and parkland there is. Environmentally we need to be more sustainable with equipment and products now and in the future .
Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I see myself in a higher position in this industry still studying and learning each day.
Has Covid affected your day to day work schedules?
we are still working just wearing our PPE such as face masks and driving in separately hired additional vehicles. We are completing more sanitizing of playgrounds and hard stand areas as opposed to completing landscape projects as we would normally in the winter slow growth periods.
Would you consider working overseas son’s experience day?
I would be happy to consider an opportunity to work overseas. I am interested to see how our industry works in different continents and climates .
Thanks liz and we look forward to see you progress with your career in the future.
Damien Curtis – IGFH

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