Your one-stop shop for job listings, machinery, training, events, & more in the UK turf industry.
After several months of planning, developing, and testing, we’ve officially launched our latest resource for members of the turf industry: Turf Market.
Turf Market is your all-in-one solution for buying and selling equipment, sharing and responding to listings for jobs, workshops, and training, promoting events, hiring services and machinery—and much more.
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We created this online marketplace because we noticed that there was a lack of affordable means of selling or sourcing second-hand equipment, sharing courses and job offers, and connecting with UK-based buyers and sellers in our industry.
In our opinion, it doesn’t seem right that you should have to pay an extortionate fee to list a product, service, event, or job online, especially since this pricing model disfavours professionals looking to sell or promote lower-priced or free products or resources, meaning that the cost of the listing is significantly higher than than the earnings potential.
We also thought there should be a better solution to simply posting ads in Facebook groups (and hoping you don’t get banned or kicked out for blatant advertising!)— a dedicated location for people with a genuine interest in selling, showcasing, browsing, and buying.
This led us to create our own simple, all-in-one solution to unite professionals in the turf industry with a keen interest to sell or discover equipment, machinery, courses, jobs, events, literature, and much more.
This automated and custom-built classified website is designed specifically for the turf industry and taps into our established network of 10,000+ members.
There are tens of listing categories to choose from, including:
  • Agriculture equipment
  • Careers
  • Cleaning
  • Horticulture and landscape
  • Literature
  • Promotions and events
  • Training and qualifications
  • Tenders and contracts
  • Vehicles
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If you’re looking to buy or browse, visit our home page and select a category that meets your search intent, or click “All Ads” and take a look at the most recent listings.
If you want to share a listing, we have a few different pricing packages:
  • Standard Listing Membership: £10 for 1 ad, 30 days
  • Top Listing Membership: £20 for 1 ad, 30 days
  • Top And Featured Listing Membership: £30 for 1 ad, 30 days
  • Bronze Membership: £45 for unlimited ads, 30 days
  • Silver Membership: £125 for unlimited ads, 90 days
  • Gold Membership: £250 for unlimited ads, 180 days
  • Platinum Membership: £500 for unlimited ads, 365 days
We believe Turf Market is different from other marketplaces for greenkeeping for two reasons:
  1. Our listing fees are significantly lower than our competitors. Our prices are low and always will be.
  2. We offer the biggest range of listing categories, from jobs and courses to machinery and equipment. There truly is something for everyone.
We aim to provide the most seamless experience for all our visitors, so we’re keen for feedback from our readers. If there’s anything we can do to further simplify or enhance your browsing time on our website, let us know.
Learn more about our pricing options for listing a product by visiting
Thanks for supporting us on our latest venture, and we hope our newest resource furthers our aim to provide continued value to our members within the greenkeeping industry.

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