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Why did we create an educational hub?
Our online educational videos and educational cards were established for many reasons, but most prominently because of the ongoing decline in young and qualified greenkeepers, groundstaff and turf managers in the industry.
We believe that to bring in the next generation of greenkeepers/groundstaff, we must offer a stimulating, simple method of education. Educational videos on broken-down topics can offer that with only access to Youtube or our web site.
Greenkeepers and groundstaff can use this all-in-one resource to access learning material on all aspects of the trade. The education can be either tailored to meet a manager’s needs or give students the opportunity to learn other sectors of the trade, such as cricket wicket maintenance, which they would otherwise miss out on.
Education is the goal, with our online educational videos, we will be able to help countries around the world that don’t have a strong education system for our industry, as well as help our own country, especially in regional areas where there is no option for education unless they travel or pay expensive fees.
This training is intended to be useful for all levels of greenkeepers and groundstaff in the industry, from apprentices and casual workers, to volunteers and part-timers, right up to individuals in the management tier.
Contact us to see how we can develop the training videos to suit your needs or cover a topic that we currently haven’t and that you’d like to see.

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