5th Edition of the IGFH Magazine!

The 5th Edition of the International Greenkeepers magazine is live! Huge thanks to our sponsors, in particular The Howardson Group, home of Dennis, Sisis, Lloyds, and Hunter Grinders, and our newest sponsors Mountian View Seeds. Without their support, IGFH would not exist.
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We’ve grown leaps and bounds again over the last 6 months, helping people find work, creating educational content, and working directly with apprentices. Doing exactly what we set out to do, help our industry grow.
👋 Welcome Mountain View Seeds! 👋 In this edition, we are thrilled to introduce Mountain View Seeds as our newest sponsor. Mountain View Seeds is an Oregon-based farmer-owned wholesale grass seed supplier, partnering with more than 50 processing facilities and a network of over 400 seed producers. The company supplies a range of high-quality grass seed varieties from the best farms, and partners with universities and international turfgrass leaders to identify the best genetics and then breed the best varieties for sale to the world.
🌱 Introducing: TurfMarket.co.uk 🌱 Get ready to explore TurfMarket.co.uk, a cutting-edge online platform connecting greenkeepers with top-notch turf suppliers. Find out how this game-changing marketplace is streamlining the process of sourcing and purchasing.
💼 Meet Albert, an IGFH Member Who Became Inspired To Take His Career Across The World 💼 Join us as we delve into the inspiring journey of Albert, a passionate greenkeeper and member of IGFH, who embarked on an extraordinary adventure to expand his career internationally. Learn about his challenges, triumphs, and the valuable lessons he gained along the way.
🎪 Why Trade Shows Are Important 🎪 Discover the significance of trade shows in the greenkeeping industry. Explore the benefits of attending these events, networking with industry professionals, and gaining insights into the latest trends and technologies shaping the future of turf management.
🌿 Dennis FT510 is a Breeze at Prees 🌿 Experience the power and efficiency of the Dennis FT510, a remarkable turf management machine that is revolutionizing the way greenkeepers maintain their golf courses. Discover how the FT510 is making a significant impact at Prees and delivering exceptional results.
⚙️ Shropshire Club Can’t Get Enough of the SISIS Quadraplay ⚙️ Delve into the success story of the SISIS Quadraplay at the renowned Shropshire Club. Uncover how this versatile machine is enhancing turf quality, maximising productivity, and becoming an indispensable asset for greenkeeping professionals.
💼 Why Sponsor Us? 💼 Learn about the unparalleled opportunities and benefits of sponsoring the International Greenkeepers for Hire Magazine. Explore how sponsoring our platform can boost your brand visibility, connect you with a global audience, and contribute to the advancement of the greenkeeping community.
🌿 Welcome to Your Day at SAGE Expo 2023 🌿 Step into the world of the SAGE Expo 2023, where industry leaders, innovators, and greenkeeping enthusiasts converge to showcase the latest advancements in sustainable turf management. Embark on a tour of this extraordinary event and gain insights into the future of environmentally friendly practices.
🌍 The Road to a More Sustainable Future with ICL 🌍 Discover how ICL is leading the way in creating a greener, more sustainable future. Dive into their groundbreaking initiatives, innovative products, and collaborative efforts with the greenkeeping community to promote responsible turf management practices.
🌏 We’ve Been Busy in Australia: The National Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo 🌏 Explore the exciting happenings at the National Diesel Dirt and Turf Expo in Australia. Uncover the latest machinery, technologies, and industry trends showcased at this premier event. Join us as we highlight the key takeaways and noteworthy innovations that emerged from this influential gathering.
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