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We’d like to welcome on board Mountain View Seeds, who are now sponsors of International Greenkeepers For Hire. The help and support provided by our sponsors are very important to us, as we continue to grow and develop new projects such as TurfMarket.co.uk, attend careers fairs and create free educational content for our members.
Those keen listeners of our podcast will know MVS from 2020, when we talk about seed production, genetics and questions such as ‘Can you produce grass as good as artificial grass?’ The podcast can be found on all major podcast sites and our YouTube!
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‘Mountain View Seeds is a USA farmer-owned grass seed supplier based in Oregon. Our network of over 400 seed producers, and 50-plus processing facilities, helps us deliver the exact specifications our customer’s demand. Being grower owned gives direct access to the best farms and consistent seed production. Producing these great varieties starts with a top-notch selection and breeding programs. We have 2 research facilities and partner with universities and international turfgrass leaders to identify the best genetics and then breed the best varieties for sale to the world. In addition, we offer warm-season varieties through our licensing division, MVP Genetics. Offering top-rated bermudagrass, zoysia and Seashore paspalum we can supply superior seed and sprigs across 6 continents.
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At MVS we are more than just a grass seed company, we are advocates for turfgrass use around the world and that is why we are happy to partner with the International Greenskeepers.’
For us at IGFH it’s very important that we are selective and have good sponsors that engage with us and our members. Morals and a good quality product are important to us, we’ve worked and still work with the trade and know the importance of these things to succeed.
We’re looking ahead at our next steps, with our original goals of running scholarships around the world, to help new, young and existing members experience parts of the industry they may otherwise miss out on. A big thing for us is promoting while educating, so whether that be a visit to a turf farm, a machine manufacturer or even a stadium, the excitement for the industry is growing, and ultimately it’s a fantastic place to work.
Again, big thanks to MVS for sponsoring us. You can be sure to see more quality content over the coming months, through the magazine, podcast, videos and more!
If anyone has any questions about MVS or IGFH please do get in touch at internationalgreenkeepers@gmail.com

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