Capmey’s Pitch Renovation Tour – 2024

Campey’s have a long history of pitch renovation tours, before COVID-19 they would alternate between European sites and the UK each year. While being in the UK they would typically visit grassroots football clubs, with a change scale this year. Attending a mixture of levels from elite football venues to golf courses, highlighting the versatility of not only the equipment but also the staff over at Campey Turf Care.

The schedule started off at West Ham’s training ground, followed by a visit to Plymouth Argyle F.C, Liverpool F.C, Grantham Town FC, Kidderminster Carolians RFC, and finally Deer Park Hotel and Golf Club. The tour was also planned to visit Washington AFC in North East England, however, the recent rainfall has meant that the facilities were waterlogged and the event could not be fulfilled. 

We visited both West Ham and Plymouth Argyle tour dates, and I must say these are well organised and attended events. It’s great to see companies giving back to the industry, with free educational events. There is no substitute for an in-person demonstration of a machine, seeing the KOROs, topdressing, seeding, aeration, surface leveling, and so on in action is something some people may never usually see, or if they do have the opportunity to stop, ask questions and get up close and personal with the machinery. 

Thanks to Lee Morgado and the Campey Turf Care team for the invitation and organising these events, I’ll be attending future events that’s for sure! As usual, it was great to see some familiar faces, while also meeting a few new ones. 

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